Ruby is still one of the most used programming languages in the tech world. There have been rumors around the tech zone that the language might be on the verge of its death. But, it is not the case! It is still used by the developers and is one of the best when it comes to service-oriented programming. Ruby on Rails is the major framework and Ruby is the language that is easy to use and get you the required output in minimal lines of code. So, how can a language like Ruby die?

Ruby brings tons of features with it

Ruby is among the top 10 languages used by developers and is very active among the developer community too. A survey done by RedMonk states that Ruby is the 8th popular language and comes in Tier 1. If this language was dead or was verge on its demise, then why would websites like Airbnb, GitHub, and Hulu run on Ruby on Rails or ROR framework? More than 4,000 contributors on GitHub are using Ruby on Rails while the Django framework for Python is not quite as popular among the developers right now.  Not only this, contributors are bringing more to do this framework on GitHub regularly. Moreover, if you are looking for developer jobs then it could be the best chance to try it.

Ruby is a programmer’s go-to friend- all thanks to its user-friendly nature and low-code scenario. The codes are simple to read- resemble an English sentence actually. Not only for a fully-fledged developer community but also if you are a newbie in programming, you can shoot for this language.

Thinking about your career in Ruby? It will give you loads of money. It is not dead or on the verge of its end as there are many developers who are well paid. Ruby is yet not much popular and many companies are looking for Ruby developers and paying heck lot. So, getting yourself skilled in this language will give you an edge over your fellow mates.

Not only this, there are tons of open source libraries for Rails which helps you to create better and faster applications in both functional and performance point of view. Also, the community is very helpful as you get to see insights from other developers, problems troubleshooting, and more. For more, there is ample documentation on Ruby which you can refer.

Faster than before

Ruby is regularly updated and new versions come out with more improvements, removal of bugs, faster, and safer interface. Currently, we are working on Ruby 2.6 which succeeded Ruby 2.5 and is offering better performance. The word in the market is that Ruby is slow and has scalability issues. Yes, these might be true but up to some extent only. Ruby is fast and gets the job done easily especially when it comes to low coding and getting maximum outputs.

Why is it best for startups?

It is said by Indiashoppers that among many other programming languages, Ruby is a great choice for the startups. It is simple, easy to understand and minimal code gives good output. It is not a myth but a truth that applications build on Ruby on Rails framework is 30-40% faster than the applications build on other platforms. So, it not only saves you time but also saves money for the ones who have a tight budget for their startups. Being an open source framework, Ruby on Rails or ROR takes nothing as an investment and still gives you a plethora of tools to add more functionalities to an application.

Still, a long way to go for Ruby and its developers

All said and done, Ruby is not going anywhere- what we can say for 2019 at least. It is staying with the developers and give them the diversity to build new apps with colorful and bright functionalities. The only thing is that the companies which have started up or have paced up in the tech zone are not ready to replace their primary app developing language with any other language- in this case, it is Ruby. When it comes to startups, they are ready to opt for this language and ROR framework. Moreover, in situations like a tight budget and having better functionalities, this language is stellar.