What is PHP

PHP is a open source server side scripting language that use for create Web Application. The full name of PHP is the Personal Home page, which was later changed to:  Hypertext Pre-Processor.

PHP was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf.

PHP is a scripting language that we embed in html and the use of PHP we do to create dynamic webpage.

PHP is a very simple scripting language, which can be learned very easily and fast. That is, the simplicity of PHP is also its biggest feature.

What is php

Use of PHP

The basic feature of PHP is to fill various types of needs, there are various types of Core Libraries which have more than 1,000 useful functions, which have been defined to easily complete different types of Real Life needs. The better the grip on this Core Library Functions is, the better grip on PHP. That is, the better you learn to use PHP’s Core Functions, the better you become a PHP Programmer.

PHP is used in Web Application.
Many database is used with PHP like MySQL, SQL, Oracle, PostegreSQL etc.
There are several frameworks for PHP work.
The value of the variable of a webpage from Session can be accessed on any webpage.
A PHP code is included in another PHP code.
In PHP, files are open, close, read and written.
Cookies are set up and accessed.
PHP is used on all operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS etc.

How PHP Works ?

When a user types any URL of any website whenever a user types a URL of that website like Facebook.com or clicks on a link, then a request goes to the server of that website and that request According to that the server of the website processes the PHP code and as the output of that web-page opens in our browser i.e. if we want to open Facebook.com, then the page of Facebook.com opens.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Welcome Page</title>

echo "Welcome to Coding Bot";



Welcome to Coding Bot

Advantages of PHP

  • PHP Source Codes are available for free on the Internet. Consumers can perform auditing, modification, and enhancement in accordance with their needs.
  • Codes and scripts written in PHP are accelerated more quickly. If compared to scripts written in ASP, the code written in PHP and the script is executed very fast.
  • PHP code is Platiforme Independient: can be run on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X etc.
  • Many web servers are available for PHP, for example Apache, NGINX, IIS etc. Apache server is best for PHP web applications from my experience because Apache server is open source and it is easy to use with a large number of support.

Disadvantages of PHP

  • There is an error handling method in the PHP framework. This is not a proper solution for PHP developers, so this is a problem with PHP developer.
  • PHP is not suitable for large web applications It is difficult to maintain it because it is not very modular. This makes it difficult to manage large web applications.