PHP Tutorial

Use of the website is for people to increase their business or to earn a substantial income from personal blogs or PHP websites. There is also income in that which will never be considered even in dreams. But do you know how to make a website is a smile and how it is created? You must be sure that there are some websites like some popular Site, Flipkart, Instagram,, to make them all, a programming language is used. Also called Web-Based Programming Language.

By the way, there are all languages that make up the website. One of those languages is PHP, from which a site like Facebook has been created.

If you are searching for the best website about learning web development, you will not find a better tutorial website. The web development course at tutorials track includes the Basics of web development with theory and good practice examples and real-life examples of things that a web developer faces in Real Live Project Development. The best part of the web development Training at tutorials track is that it is taught in simple English language. The course starts with an introduction of PHP, and goes ahead and explains the most important topics in web development like arrays, sessions, include, functions, forms, variables, class. Not only is every topic explained in detail but also includes the How and why of implementing the PHP code.


PHP Programming

PHP is a server-side scripting language, This programming language is used to develop Dynamic webpages. This programming language is a scripting language used to control web applications or web pages on the server side.

PHP is a server-side scripting language, meaning a scripting language that is executed on the server.

This programming language is created by Dynamic Website or Web Application. This programming language is the most popular scripting language to create any kind of web application.

You can use PHP in free It’s a powerful language to run the blogging platform. Just like you have to hear the name of WordPress which has been designed from this language. Word press platforms are operated by large-scale websites of the world.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Welcome Page</title>

echo "Welcome to Tutorials Track";



Welcome to Tutorials Track

This language is used to design a Dynamic website. When a user sends a request to a web page from their browser, which contains this code. In the PHP code web server, the PHP module is installed, the process is inside. This programming language generates HTML output. Which you see in your web browser.