HTML Tutorial

What is HTML?

HTML tutorial. The HTML is a MarkUp language, it develope to create web docs. HTML is a very simple Computer Coding Language. Its development took place in the 90s. The HTML is the basis of a web page and web pages are the basis of a website. HTML uses the ‘tags’ to create a web document.

The HTML is the first language in the field of web designing. CSS is also use with HTML which is use to make webpage even better. Using JavaScript with HTML, logic is add to webpages and they are create dynamic.

HTML Versions

So far there have been many versions of HTML in the industry. Some new elements are add in every version of HTML. All the versions of the HTML are explain in detail.

HTML 1.0

This was the first version of HTML. At that time very few people knew about this language and HTML was too limited. At that time nothing more could be done by HTML than creating web pages with simple text.

HTML 2.0

This version contained all the features of HTML 1.0. Along with this version, the basic website for developing the HTML website was already done.

HTML 3.0

Until the arrival of this version the HTML was very popular. This version was stop due to a compatibility problem with browsers. But later it was introduce with new and advanced tags.

HTML 3.2

In this version some new tags have been add after the previous version. This was the time when the W3C declared the HTML standard for website development. The use of HTML was no longer limited and was being used extensively. html tutorial

HTML 4.01

This version was introduce with some new tags as well as the cascading style sheet. At this time HTML had become completely modern language.

HTML 5.0

This is the latest version of HTML. In this, some new tags have been provided for multimedia support. You can get more information about HTML5 from the HTML5 in Hindi tutorial.


This version came after HTML 4.01.