The full name of the HTML is Hypertext Markup Language. In which Hypertext defines HTML Link tag. Link are a simple word, but it is converte to the hyperlink by Anchor Element. how to create a link in html

Hyperlink is a type of text that created by HTML. When it is click, Browser takes us to another web page. Which page will open when click, it is set in HTML code, in which we use the URL of that page.

A html link is a text or image that you click on to be redirecte to another page. Whenever you move your cursor to a link, it gets converte to a clickable hand icon. Links are basically use to go from one page to another page. Links web is the world’s roads.

<a> Tag is use to create links in HTML. This is call anchor tag. This tag has the most basic attributes href and target. These two attributes are describe below.


By this attribute you define the address of the page that you want to show when the link is click.

<a href=""> link-Name </a>


With this attribute you define the frame where you want to show the page. This attribute is optional. If you do not define it then the page is open in new tab. This attribute has some predefined values ​​that you can use.

target = "frame-Name"
  • _blank – When you define this value, your webpage is open in a new tab or window.
  • _self – When you define this value, your webpage will open on the same tab or frame which was click on the link.
  • _top – This value is open in the web page full document.
  • _parent – This value opens the webpage in parent frame.

Creating HTML Link

<a href=""> link-Name </a>

Below is a complete example of creating html link.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>HTML Text Formatting</title>
<p>Go to Google <a href="">Click Here</a></p>
<p>Go to Tutorials Track <a href="">Click Here</a></p>
<p>Go to Facebook <a href="">Click Here</a></p>

Upon running the above script, the generated web page will be show.

html link