HTML Editor

In order to write HTML code, we need a html editor and we can do this with the help of notepad in our computer. Some computer with different OSs, Text Editor is name differently. But the work is the same of all.

A web page is actually a text file, in which a hypertext language is give code according to the grammar of HTML. This code is then show by changing the browser to a web page. Programs in which the HTML code is create or modifie, is call the html editor. You can also use simple text editors such as Notepad and WordPad MS Word for this purpose.
In addition to the standard text editors or word processors, there are many special programs that have been created to create web pages and edit their HTML code such as Microsoft Frontpage, Netscape Composer etc. These have special features for creating web pages. So you can use them.

Write HTML Using Notepad or TextEdit (HTML Editor)

  • Notepad(windows)
  • TextEdit(Mac)

Step 1: Open Notepad (HTML Editor)

  • If you are using Windows 8 or the latest, press the start button and type “notepad”.
  • If you are working on Windows 7 then follow the steps below:

Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad

Finder > Applications > TextEdit

Step 2: Write HTML Code

Now after opening the Notepad, Write this HTML code into Notepad (html editor).

<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1>first html page</h1>

<p>This is my first html page.</p>


Step 3: Save the file

To save the file, go to the Notepad menu and click File> Save As.

By giving the file name “index.html“, select the UTF-8 encoding and click on Save.

Step 4: Run the HTML Page in Your Browser

Double click on the saved file. The document you have created in the browser will look like this:

html editor