HTML Block

All HTML block have their own default display value and this default display value is of two ways block and inline.

HTML Block Elements

HTML Block Elements always starts with a new line and captures the full width (left and right) available in the Web Page.

HTML Block Example


Block elements in HTML:

<ul>   <video>   <ol>   <output>   <p>   <pre>   <section>   <main> 
  <nav>   <noscript>   <tfoot>   <address>   <article>   <aside> 
  <blockquote>   <canvas>   <dd>   <div>   <dl>   <dt>   <fieldset> 
  <figcaption>   <figure>   <footer>   <form>   <h1>-<h6>   <header> 
  <hr>   <li>   <table>

HTML Inline Elements

HTML Inline Elements does not start with a new line and captures the same width (left and right) in Web Page as needed. html block


The <a> element is inline element.

<a href="url">link text</a>

Inline elements in HTML:

<a>     <abbr>      <acronym>      <b>     <bdo>     <big>     <br>   <button>     <cite>     <code>     <dfn>    <em>     <i>    <img>    <input>     <kbd>     <label>     <map>     <object>      <q>     <samp>      <script>     <select>    <small>      <span>       <strong>     <sub>        <sup>      <textarea>      <time>    <tt>       <var>