How to update PHP in WordPress? In this guide, we will talk about PHP 7 and you will learn how you can use WordPress with the upgrade of the old PHP version on your hosting server in PHP 7 and how can PHP 7 version increase the speed of your WordPress blog?

All bloggers and developers do not know what to do to increase the load speed of your blog and website. That is, every minor problem is very important and they work very hard to solve them.

But I found it very strange to see State of WordPress PHP, that 80% of bloggers do not give any importance to the PHP version in the speed optimization process, they do not know about the PHP latest version (PHP 7’s features).

So in this post, we will first talk about PHP. And then PHP will talk about latest version ie PHP 7. Then we will learn how you can check the compatibility of PHP 7 with your WordPress blog, and then in the last lesson, you will learn how you can upgrade your PHP version to your hosting.

What is PHP?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open source, interpreted, object-oriented and server-side scripting language that we use to create a web application that is executed on the server and generates dynamic pages on the client’s computer. How to update PHP in WordPress

PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 to show updates on their site. For Rasmus Lerdorf, that time was just a side project, but today their side project is used on 82% of the websites on the Internet.

Most popular social sites, blogging, CMS and e-commerce CMS have been made from PHP languages, such as Facebook, Digg, WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, Wikipedia and more |

The biggest hand of PHP’s popularity is those people who work hard to make this open source project better and every few years after adding new features, release a new version of PHP.

The PHP 7 version was released in 2015 with very best features, not releasing PHP first version 1995, second version 1997, third edition 1998, fourth version 2000, fifth 2004 and then version 6.

It has been so many years since PHP 7 was released, but even today, only 15% of users use the latest PHP 7 version on their hosting server, and this is because people do not know what is the use of using old PHP version And what are the advantages of using PHP 7?

How PHP 7 Increase Your WordPress Website Speed?

The core of WordPress latest version 5.1 has also been coded from PHP 7 and if you host your WordPress blog on the server where there is also the latest PHP 7, then due to your same version it will also be a quick response.

Apart from this, all plugins and themes have been using PHP 7 in their updates, so if you work on the old PHP version then it may be that they are not compatible with it and apart from this, the most important thing is the security holes in the old version.

Therefore, to make your blog more safe and fast, you must upgrade your old PHP version to PHP 7, and what features of PHP 7 have I described in the lower short.

  • Website load faster
  • Better and more secured number generator
  • Adds anonymous classes
  • Reduced memory usage
  • New Zend Engine now called PHP Next Generation (NG)
  • Consistent 64-bit support

How to Check WordPress Website Compatibility with PHP 7?

If any such PHP code that is deprecated in PHP 7 and is being used in your theme or plugin, then your site may be closed when upgrading to PHP 7, so before upgrading to PHP 7, Compatibility check must be done.

You can use PHP Compatibility Checker Plugin to check PHP 7 compatibility. After installing the Plugin, you can use this plugin by going to Tools >> PHP compatibility and clicking on the scan site button will show you the PHP 7 compatibility result of the site.

How to update PHP in WordPress
How to update PHP in WordPress

After checking out the PHP 7 compatibility of your WordPress website, you will uninstall this plugin.

How to update PHP in WordPress?

Before upgrading the PHP version, you also need to know which current PHP version you are using.

If you using a good company hosting, then it is already used in PHP7 version or you can use My WordPress Health Check plugin to know the complete information of your site.

In addition, you can also login to your hosting cPanel and see current using PHP version as well as upgrade the PHP version as well. By logging into cPanel, one of these options will show you “PHP Selector”, “Select PHP Version”, “PHP Version Manager” or “MultiPHP Manager”.

How to update PHP in WordPress

When you click on it, you will show a page that will show your PHP version usage.

Now select your site and select PHP 7 from the dropdown list of PHP version and click on Apply button and then your hosting will start using PHP 7 and you will soon be able to show in the speed in your site.

How to update PHP in WordPress

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