CSS Tutorial

What is CSS ?

The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. This is a type of language through which we designing our website. Simply put, CSS tells your browser what the font, color, size, position etc. of the contents of the web page (like text, image, paragraph etc.) will be.

Without HTML, nothing can be made from CSS, so you need to know HTML.

Both HTML and CSS provide a web page look and feel. HTML shapes webpages and the CSS work is meant to make the webpage attractive.

What is the difference between HTML and CSS ?

  • We just put the content from HTML into our page, here means content: text, heading, paragraph, image, video, audio, bullet lists etc. Apart from this, the web page structure is also made from HTML.
  • What color, background, size, border, position etc. will be on that content, we tell it in CSS. This CSS determines how it will look in the content browser.

Why CSS is necessary?

For the sake of the value we have created a website without just using CSS, which has 50 pages, now we need to have the same design of all the pages, then we design a page and copy-paste it to 50 pages. There is no problem in it, after that we put content in all the pages. Now the website is ready but in the future if we have to make some changes in the design, such as we have to color the headings of all the pages, then we will have to go through one page to make changes which will be a very long time consuming job. If we use CSS, then this work is very easy, because with CSS we separate the design of the page from the content part, now when we need changes in the design, we can easily go into the CSS file Make changes that apply to the entire website.